Oh hi there, my name's Elizabeth. I may not technically be British, but about 87% of me thinks that I am.
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Neither the Queen nor Prince Philip has any liking for slow-moving emotional or psychological dramas, infinitely preferring a film with plenty of plot and action. If things are slow on the screen, they are not above adding their own interjections, though perhaps not quite to the extent that the Queen’s father did when he was alive. “For heaven’s sake, get on with it, man!” the King would shout if the hero was perhaps too slow and dreamy in his lovemaking. Philip’s occasional wisecracks are couched in lower terms audible only to those nearest to him, while the Queen has a habit of forecasting aloud what she thinks is going to happen next. In the semi-darkness of her private movie theatre she gives full play to those inner feelings she is so good at concealing in public. A comedy sequence will invariably reduce her to peals of hearty laughter, while a moment of screen suspense has even been known to wrench a throaty scream from her. By   The Royal Family A Personal Portrait by Ralphe M. White and Graham Fisher (via goodqueenlilibet)